Internal Medicine


Morning Report – 3/week – Supervised by the faculty where interesting and unique cases are presented and discussed in a warm welcoming environment

Teaching Rounds – Occur most week days and are led by the attending and senior resident with a focus on teaching at the bedside.

Grand Rounds – Weekly

Mortality chart review – 1/month – Informal M&M in which resident’s present patients from the teaching services with emphasis on patient management and diagnosis.

Morbidity & Mortality – 1/month – Formal M&M presented by senior level residents at Grand Rounds.

Continuity clinic lecture daily in clinic – There is a weekly 20 minute lecture and group discussion in clinic, led by faculty and senior residents. The topics include clinical, billing and practice management topics.

Core curriculum lectures – 2/week – The core curriculum is given as a 2 to 3 hour lecture block each Friday. All disciplines within the field of medicine are presented by community subspecialists in order to prepare our residents for board certification in internal medicine. At the completion each month, the chief resident administers a written examination.

Journal club – 1/month – Upper level residents select peer-reviewed journal articles that are critically reviewed by house staff.

Procedure skills lab – Intern skills labs are held during lectures in July and August with a focus on basic procedures including IV, phlebotomy, I&D, etc.  Senior resident skills labs occur twice a year. The 2 to 3 hour session gives residents the opportunity to hone procedure skills such as intubations, thoracentesis, central access, etc.

Mock Codes. Occur during every inpatient block.


Manageable and Realistic Resident Research Opportunities: Our program will have the support of 2 full time faculty researchers.  We encourage and support clinical research that will have a focus of projects in the field of quality and safety. Residents will be required to submit at least one poster presentation and complete a quality improvement project.

In November 2011, Mercy Health opened a 6,000 square-foot Clinical Trial Unit at our Mercy Health Saint Mary’s campus in downtown Grand Rapids. This eight-bed unit offers space for Phase I through Phase II/III studies.

Our Office of Research & Innovation at Mercy Health is dedicated to improving the delivery of health care for our patients, by providing access to clinical trials. Clinical trials offer our patients access to cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art treatment alternatives that may otherwise be unavailable. The Office of Research and Innovation, facilitates all Mercy Health Clinical Trial activities, by providing support for obtaining sponsored research funds and managing research program activity.