Clinical Environment

Our 4-year program incorporates the first year of post-graduate training at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s. Beginning in the PGY-2 year, residents will have clinical opportunities at the Mercy Health Hauenstein Neuroscience Center, as well as Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, and Spectrum Health facilities.

Program Focus

Neurology is a 4-year program. All blocks are 4 weeks in length, totaling 13 per academic year. We offer a designated special block during the PGY-1 year in which all members of the class are brought together to focus on an intensive review of neuroanatomy, as well as faculty-led sessions on neurological examination techniques and principles of neuro-localization.

Overnight, in-hospital call will occur approximately 1-night-in 6 for the PGY-2 through PGY-4 years. Through “shoulder-to-shoulder” faculty involvement, overnight call will be focused on educationally-meaningful activities, rather than simply volume of service.  

Residents will participate in Continuity Clinics one half-day per week in the PGY-2 through PGY-4 years. 



  • 6 blocks Internal Medicine
  • 1 block Pediatrics
  • 2 blocks Emergency Medicine
  • 1 block Neurological Localization
  • 1 block Neuroradiology
  • 1 block Psychiatry
  • 1 block Inpatient Neurology


  • 6 blocks Inpatient Neurology
  • 2 blocks Outpatient Neurology
  • 2 blocks Pediatric Neurology
  • 2 blocks Neuro-Intensive Care Unit
  • 1 block Elective


  • 3 blocks Inpatient Neurology
  • 1 block Psychiatry
  • 1 block Pediatric Neurology
  • 1 block Rehabilitation
  • 1 block Neuro-ophthalmology
  • 1 block EMG and Neuromuscular
  • 1 block EEG and Epilepsy
  • 1 block Neuropathology
  • 3 blocks Electives


  • 3 blocks Inpatient Neurology
  • 1 block EMG and Neuromuscular
  • 1 block EEG and Epilepsy
  • 1 block Pediatric Neurology
  • 4 blocks Outpatient Neurology
  • 3 blocks Electives


Based on our strong commitment to educational excellence, the following opportunities will be offered during your training:

  • Neuroradiology Conferences
  • Neurology Morning Report
  • Neuroscience Grand Rounds
  • Neurophysiology/Epilepsy/EEG/EMG lectures and hands-on training
  • Epilepsy Case Conferences
  • Neuroscience Journal Club
  • Neuropathology Rounds
  • Neuro-ophthalmology Didactics
  • Neuro-interventional Didactics
  • Neuro-Critical Care Didactics
  • Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Huddles
  • Stroke and Neurology Research Conference
  • Neuroanatomy with Clinical-Neuro-radiological Correlation Lectures
  • Mentored neurology resident research project development 



In accordance with ACGME guidelines, all residents beginning in their PGY-2 year will have the opportunity to participate in a three-year integrative scholarly research program to become familiar with the methods, procedures and ethical considerations involved in the conduct of scientific research. This program will have the combined goals of providing the resident with training and experience in planning and conducting research, and educating the resident in being a better consumer of medical research through didactic and experiential learning.  Neurology residents will be paired with and mentored by our faculty members.

Resources are available to assist neurology residents with their projects, including an on-site Institutional Review Board, biostatistics consultation, and audio/visual and poster preparation expertise. Support will be provided for the presentation of projects at local, regional and national meetings.