Family Medicine - Applicants

Application Process
Applications are accepted through ERAS only with a deadline of November 30. If there are any application questions, they can be directed to Alicia at 1.800.276.1807 or e-mail her at

The applicant must:

  • Be a participant in the NRMP
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident or qualify to be sponsored via J-1 Visa
  • Be a medical student anticipating graduation from an accredited medical school prior to residency entry, or a graduate from an accredited medical school in the past two years and demonstrating significant hands-on clinical experience in U.S. healthcare since graduation, if gap is greater than 1 year
  • Be eligible to be licensed in all 50 States and U.S. Territories as demonstration by
    • Graduation from an LCME Fully-Accredited Medical School
    • Graduation from an AOA/COCA Fully-Accredited Medical School
    • International Medical Graduates (IMG's) having a valid ECFMG, all medical school rotations being at ACGME accredited sites, and been an enrolled/graduated from an ECFMG Approved School recognized in all 50 States and U.S. Territories
  • Have board scores as follows, preferably on the first attempt
    • USMLE Steps 1 & 2 greater than 1SD from the passing score or higher, or
    • COMLEX 1 & 2 greater than 1SD from the passiing score or higher, and 
    • Pass CSA, prior to residency Rank Order List deadline
  • The highest possible level of oral and written communication skills
  • A Face-to-Face interview, unless application considered during SOAP where instead a phone interview will be held

Eligibility & Selection Policy

Effective 1/24/2011 the Family Medicine Residency Program has Continued Full Accreditation for 4 years from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).