Family Medicine - Residents


Lindy Babcock, MD
Medical School: Michigan State University-CHM

I grew up in the small town of Grant, MI, just 35 miles from Grand Rapids. I enjoy travelling, reading, and enjoying a good meal with friends. I also enjoy the outdoors, and West Michigan’s four seasons allow for a multitude of fun outdoor activities throughout the year (like hiking, cycling, skiing, and going to the beach).

While there are many great Family Medicine programs out there, I chose GRFMR because of the combination of the many opportunities the medical community has to offer and the great personal interactions between the core faculty and residents. This program was a “fit” for me because of the option to tailor my learning experiences to my passions within family medicine. I enjoy obstetrics, and have been able to deliver over 100 babies in my time here. I also have a desire to do medical missions, and was able to spend almost four weeks in Togo, West Africa in April 2013.

Jeanne Bohm, MD
Medical School: University of Toledo

I am originally from Cincinnati Ohio.  I attended the University of Cincinnati for my undergraduate education.  For medical school I attended the University of Toledo.  I have a PhD in Toxicology and taught in community colleges and did postdoctoral research in Molecular Biology before starting medical school.  I also created and maintain a church website and plan to start a Christian clinic at the church (Spanish Church). I want to do overseas mission trips and currently learning Spanish.  I enjoy  hiking, swimming,  and working on my Church Website.  I am interested in women's health, underserved populations, mission trips, as well as urgent care/emergency careI chose GRMEP for the opportunities for International Electives, Underserved opportunities and obstetrical care. 

Timothy Byon, MD
Medical School: De La Salle University

I am originally from  Paso Robles, CA.  I attended Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo for my undergraduate education.  For medical school I attended De La Salle College of Medicine.  I have many medical interests.  I would like to practice international medicine, obstetrics, and Urgent Care.  I enjoy spending my free time with my lovely wife and precious children.  On a sunny day, outdoor activities with the kids are wonderful.  On a gloomy day, staying indoors and playing board games while sipping hot coco is nice too.   GRFMR has a great balance between giving the residents maximal exposure to patient care while still incorporating much education.  The work environment in all the rotating hospitals is superb.  The people in the program come across so genuine and caring.  In addition, Grand Rapids would be a terrific place to practice medicine, call home, and raise my family.     

John Dinh, MD
Medical School: Rush University

Grand Rapidians have fastidioussness to flourish in the Michigan Mitt at a juncture of rivers. John Dinh, aka JD, started his journey to Grand Rapids as a first generation vietnamese after the american war in Việt Nam. Cultural divide within Utah asked what kind of man he was:  Chopstick or Fork? Buddhist or Christian? He then went to the U of Chicago with the questions, "are numbers real?" "how do you prove imaginary numbers exist?".  He spent two years euthanizing mice in Bethesda, MD while asking  "Do I want to stay at the bench or move to the bedside?" Picking in between, he cut up human parts in Pathology residency in San Francisco, CA.  Things went well until his mother took ill.  After experiencing the family side of a death from cancer, he learned there may be more gratification in life when you are not always behind the scenes. He started residency in Family Medicine in Michigan. Resetting his life in the world of primary care was inspiring--Becoming a patient advocate.  In the next year he will set the stage for his next voyage: completing residency, and joining his wife in Chicago, IL; taking with him the experience of being a Rapidian and how to make his own rivers to forge a future. 

Marina Dupree, MD
Medical School: University of Washington

I am originally from the beautiful wine-country town of Sonoma in Northern California. 
I attended Sonoma State University for my undergraduate education.  I earned my medical degree from the University Of Washington School of Medicine.  My medical interests include Women’s Health and Sports Medicine.  I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my husband and beautiful children.  My son, Hezekiah, is 9 weeks old and daughter, Oceana, is 22 months old.  I had them BOTH during residency.  I chose GRMEP for many reasons.  The program is very supportive of the residents.  The faculty and staff are invested in top quality training. I feel the resident’s receive a well-rounded family medicine education fully supported by staff.  It is extremely family friendly. 

Arma Ermita, MD 
Medical School: University of Santo Tomas

I am from Marina, California.  I attended  University of California, Davis for my undergraduate education.  For medical school I attended the University of Santo Tomas.  I enjoy family medicine because of the age ranges in my patients.  I see them from the beginning to the end - OB-GYN and Geriatrics.  I chose GRFMR for the people and the place. The attendings, seniors, and staff are helpful with the same goal of giving you the best training to become a competent and compassionate fami ly physician. Grand Rapids is "the little big city " full of activities to satisfy anyones interests.  What I like about this program the most is that it is strong in OB-GYN and Geriatrics. There is also an opportunity to participate in medical missions.  I love music and baking. 

One day I would like to own a beach resort and start a medical mission in my province Masinloc, Zambales in the Philippines. I have an extensive extended family which in part influenced my decision in becoming a family physician.  I can start exploring different countries because I love to travel and now have the monetary funds to do so.

Frigga Jacob, MD 
Medical School: University of Santo Tomas

I was born and raised in the Philippines and had most of my education in the University of Santo Tomas. There I obtained my  Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and went to Medical school. I found that I have a vast interest in medicine having enjoyed all my rotations. It was this realization that brought me to Family Medicine. Specifically, I have interests in Primary Care Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology, OB, and General Surgery.

GRFMR is a great program with well-equipped hospitals, a diverse patient population and very supportive and experienced faculty attendings. It is resident-centered and each is being trained to be a "complete" family physician. The team camaraderie is very conducive for learning, making everyday work enjoyable. Aside from the program, the city itself is just the right size to provide a multitude of stimuli to entertain anyone.

I enjoy cooking, container gardening, playing the guitar and dancing. My name means "beloved one" from the norse goddess Frigg, where "Friday" was derived. I was born on a Good Friday of Lent.

Sameer Mehta, MD 
Medical School: Windsor University

I am originally from Oakville, Ontario Canada.  I earned my medical degree from Windsor University School of Medicine.  My medical interests include Sports Medicine.  I chose GRFMR for many reasons.   This program has one of the most impressive curriculums, helpful and wonderful residents/staff/faculty. Grand rapids is a great small city that is within driving distance of major cities like Detroit and Chicago.  In my free time I enjoy playing basketball as well video games.  

John Rajlich, MD 
Medical School: Wayne State University

Despite being born in communist Czechoslovakia and then living in totalitarian Libya for half a year, I've been in the U.S. since I was 2 years old, and a Michigander since I was 4. I went to Notre Dame for undergrad and Wayne State for medical school.

I met my wife Rebekah during orientation week for medical school just before 1st year; by the time I graduated, we had gotten married and she was pregnant with our second child! I initially matched into pediatric neurology at the University of Michigan, an opportunity during which I realized how much I wanted to do primary care, and so we ended up going into the couples' match when she graduated, and matched here at Grand Rapids Family Medicine Residency.

We love it here - we love the program, and we love Grand Rapids! With regard to the program, we've met some wonderful mentors and colleagues. I've grown comfortable handling a wide range of pathology, the teaching facilities here in Grand Rapids are superb, the family medicine attendings are excellent, and the other specialties are also very keen and eager to teach.  

I've been involved in softball and basketball with fellow residents and attendings, we've had regular get-togethers with our class and with the program at large. We were especially attracted to the program since we were both residents, and many of the attendings are married to other physicians, and indeed we've found an exceptional regard for our family life, including such things as taking time off to take care of a sick child or make it to a doctor's appointment, etc.

Otherwise, we've really grown to love Grand Rapids. From the zoo (our kids love the zoo) to canoeing and fishing the many beautiful rivers in the area to camping in West Michigan (including at the Potter Park Zoo) to the schools(yep, there's even a Zoo School) to being within 45 minutes of one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States (not to mention, no salt), we've really loved this area, and have made it our home.

Christopher Shoemaker, MD 
Medical School: Wayne State University

I am originally from Grand Rapids.  For undergrad I attended the University of Michigan.  I earned my medical degree from Wayne State
University School of Medicine.  There are so many reasons I chose GRFMR…first, were the interactions with the current residents and attendings. They were down to earth yet very knowledgeable and THEY WERE HAPPY! They seemed to truly enjoy coming to work and being a part of this community. Second, was the clinical experience of having a Family Medicine inpatient service from teaching faculty members, a very strong OB influence, as well as a leading Children’s hospital for inpatient pediatrics. This is also home for myself and my wife…we love the west side of Michigan.  I am interested in working with the urban underserved communities.  In my free time I enjoy just about any sport, fishing, golfing with my wife.

My wife and I are high school sweethearts and grew up in Grand Rapids.   Our first child, a son, was born 2 weeks into my intern year. The program has been so accommodating for that circumstance and truly wants to put you and your family first

Dolly Singh, MD 
Medical School: Windsor University

I’m a Toronto native (born and raised). I come from a fabulous family of 4. I had the great pleasure of going to school in the Caribbean, but moving to Grand Rapids and embracing the (familiar) cold brisk air of Michigan was a welcome change! Some fun tidbits about me are that I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and I am an avid swimmer. I aspire to complete a triathlon and finally get my motorcycle license! Family medicine was undoubtedly my calling and this has only been solidified since starting my training. Forming beautiful and lasting (well for at least 3 years) relationships with my patients has been the epitome of my residency training.

Grand Rapids is an incredible city. Scenic and safe it allows for the serene small town feel.  At the same time it has the heart of a big city, with great restaurants, shopping and people! Our program is dedicated to the growth of our residents in a comfortable and loving environment. Our attendings and residents are who really allowed the
transition from medical school to residency to be an easy process for me. Their kindness is what really stood out for me during my interview and has only become more apparent since becoming a part of the program. Their knowledge and intelligence is irrefutable but their willingness to share this knowledge and the humility with which they carry themselves is really what allows this to be a great place to learn and grow as a physician! 


Navya Arepalli, MD
Medical School: Saint George's University

Personal:  Hi! My name is Navya and I’m from a quaint, small town in England. I have been blessed (via my career) with many incredible opportunities and to experience a wide range of cultures. My first stop was the beautiful island of Grenada where I completed my theoretical studies, from there I travelled to the Big Apple to complete my clinical rotations. My journey has now brought me to the great city of Grand Rapids. Although it has been difficult leaving behind my mom, dad and younger brother back in Europe I am accompanied here with my beautiful husband. We both love this city and the program has become our second family. I have created life- long friendships here that I will cherish forever.  But just as importantly this program provides such a fantastic curriculum that has allowed me to blossom as a physician. I have a great adoration for all fields of medicine, especially obstetrics and gynecology. The program allows us to tailor our learning towards our interests and this is only possible because the program is so heavily equipped in terms of its access to the best attending physicians and other fantastic residencies. For these reasons I am forever grateful for my time here and I will always cherish my experience with the Grand Rapids Family Medicine Program. 

Nikhilesh Dasanjh, MD
Medical School: Medical University of the Americas

Hello all! I was born and raised in the small town of Duncan, British Columbia, Canada (located on Vancouver Island) before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia to attend the University of British Columbia where I completed my Bachelors in Science. During my undergrad, I volunteered heavily at Vancouver General Hospital and this ultimately sparked my decision to go into medicine.  After completing undergrad, I attended the Medical University of the Americas in Nevis where I completed basic sciences and finished my clinical rotations in New York City. When it came time to choosing a career path, Family Medicine was an obvious choice! I really enjoy the challenging cases and tremendous diversity that it offers and the ability to provide comprehensive care to patients and their families. My future aspirations are to go into traditional outpatient family medicine practice as well as practice urgent care. I chose Grand Rapids as the location to complete my residency because of the friendly environment created by the attending physicians and residents and the strong commitment to teaching. Also if you have a family Grand Rapids has been ranked No #1 by Forbes for “best city for raising a family” and therefore provides a safe, affordable environment and has a great school system. Grand Rapids as a city provides an abundance of amenities including great food, arts, and sports/entertainment. It is ideally situated between 2 major cities (Chicago and Detroit) so if you’re a basketball/hockey/football fan (go canucks, heat, lakers!) like myself you can easily head out to either city to catch some sports or simply enjoy the things bigger cities have to offer.  In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports, movies, working out, playing basketball, travelling, trying new restaurants, hanging out with my fellow colleagues and last but not least spending time in Atlanta, Georgia with my wife who is completing her residency in the south. I thoroughly enjoyed my past year as an intern and am looking forward to the next 2 years in residency!

Karan Dhir, MD
Medical School: Saba University

I am originally from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  I obtained my undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph (B.Sc).  For medical school, I attended SABA University School of Medicine.  I chose GRFMR because it is located in a great city, Grand Rapids that would be an excellent place to call home one day. This residency program offers training in a busy environment in a well equipped hospital setting, under the care of faculty and residents that are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. I decided to come here because I was looking for a place that offered exceptional training and which would give me the opportunity to become a well-rounded physician.  My medical inerests include urgent care and hospitalist medicine.  For fun I like watching sports and movies, playing ping pong and soccer.

Gabriel Dunn, MD
Medical School: Saint Louis University

I grew up less than one hour from Grand Rapids in a town called Grand Haven which is on Lake Michigan. For undergraduate I attended DePauw University in Indiana. A couple years after undergrad I married Ali, the love of my life and my high school sweet heart. As newlyweds we moved down to Saint Louis, MO where I attended Saint Louis University School of Medicine home of the Billikens. 

My major medical interest is underserved medicine/care to those in socioeconomic need; this encompasses my other major interests like:  Chronic disease management, pain management, the patient-doctor relationship, sports medicine, mental health and more. 

Why GRMEP Family Med? I knew it was a high volume program that would make me better while allowing me to still see my family and have a well-balanced life. It provides tons of inpatient and OB experience with broad specialty exposure to busy services like General Surgery and Orthopedics. I knew it would help equip me to be a more compassionate, proficient and well-rounded provider and allow me to see in residency almost anything I might face practice. 

My wife and I have a daughter, Naomi, and another daughter is due the Fall of 2013 (name yet to be determined).  We love taking advantage of the many parks in GR, eating at all the different little restaurants around town and hanging out with family and friends. 

What is a Billiken? It is sort of like a Gremlin, only nicer and is a character from a children’s book.

Ricardo Ko, MD 
Medical School: Saint George's University 

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario.  I completed my undergraduate education at York University (Toronto), majoring in Kinesiology and Health Science.   I then ventured to Grenada for medical school at St. George’s University and completed my clinical rotations in New York City.  I have always had an active lifestyle and so naturally have a penchant for primary care and preventive medicine.  I am excited to be in family medicine and to explore Grand Rapids and western Michigan.  In my free time I enjoy reading, watching movies, cycling, the outdoors, and photography.

Ayesha Malik, MD 
Medical School: Saba University 

Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Pakistan till teens, spending early 20s in Canada, and then always on a go for medical training, my life has been a great journey. My clinical clerkships made me grow exponentially in personal and professional growth. I became more culturally sensitive and learnt about different shades of life.  When the time came for residency choice, Grand Rapids was my top choice for simple reasons, friendly and approachable faculty, awesome  rapport between faculty and residents , near Toronto ( where my family lives), size of the city was appropriate for me, and several places to visit around the city.  Overall, I am happy being here and would choose Grand Rapids again if time goes back.

Pallavi Murari, MD 
Medical School: SVS Medical College

I am From Hyderabad.  I attended S.V.S Medical college for my medical degree.  My medical interests include Sports medicine, women & adolescent health.  I chose GRFMR because the program is very friendly and I loved the city.  For fun I enjoy spending quality of time with family, reading books, playing tennis and of-course movies.  An interesting tidbit about me is that I matched 2 days after our baby boy, Vivaan arrived. I am also very scared of birds but not snakes.

Prerak Patel, MD 
Medical School: Saint James School of Medicine 

I am originally from Chicago, IL.   I attended St James School of Medicine.  I chose GR because of the friendly residents and attendings. I was very impressed when I met the faculty as they all down to earth. GR is a great "small" city and has all the amenities of any other city can offer.   It’s also within 2.5 hours to Chicago/Detroit. I don’t think I could’ve made a better choice in selecting a residency program.  My medical interests include women’s health, international and adult medicine.  My hobbies include potography, traveling, dining out, visiting breweries watching movies and football (GO BEARS!!).  Something interesting about me, I’ve always wanted to become a pilot. I’ve taken some classes in the past to get my pilot’s license, but it’s been on hold for a while and I plan on taking up that hobby later in/after residency.

Sarah Rodriguez, MD 
Medical School: Michigan State University-CHM

I was born and raised in Muskegon, MI.  I then journeyed over to Ann Arbor and received my Bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Spanish from the University of Michigan while enjoying Michigan Football and traveling with the football team as part of the marching  band (I played the piccolo J).  I then decided to go to Michigan State University College of Human Medicine for my M.D. and ended up in Grand Rapids.  I liked Grand Rapids and the hospitals so much that I decided to stick around for residency.  I am also partial to Grand Rapids because I met my husband here while I was an undergrad, and we got
married after my first year of medical school.  In my free time I like to read, travel, play my flute, and enjoy time with my family.  I am also involved in local ministries and my church.  Grand Rapids is a great place to live and train and is very close to the beautiful beaches of lake Michigan!

Payam Sadro, MD 
Medical School: Medical University of the Americas 

I was born in Tehran, Iran, and moved to Toronto, Canada when I was 3 years old. I lived most of my life in Toronto, then moved to the island of Nevis in the Eastern Caribbean for medical school basic sciences. I then traveled to many cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, New York City, Cleveland, and Chicago for clinical sciences.   For  medical school I attended the Medical University of the Americas.  I chose GRFMR for the faculty, residents, and staff at GRFMR are all very welcoming and knowledgeable individuals, which in combination with the impressive curriculum provides for an ideal learning environment. In addition GRFMR program is extremely supportive of the needs, and well- being of its residents. The city of Grand Rapids is a great place to live, and is close to my hometown of Toronto, as well as other wonderful cities.  My medical interests include sports medicine and preventative medicine.  For fun I like to play soccer, work out, roller blade, jog, golf, cooking, and travelling. An interesting tidbit about me is that I once jumped out of a plane from 14,000 feet, and lived to tell about it.

Kelsey Schultz, MD 
Medical School: Creighton University 

My name is Kelsey, and I'm originally from the cold, but beautiful, state of Minnesota!  I did my undergrad at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, MN, then moved to Omaha, NE to attend Creighton University School of Medicine.  At Creighton, I met my fiancee, Hank, and we happily couples matched here in Grand Rapids!  He is a second year Emergency Medicine resident.  In my free time I like catching up on my non-medical reading, gardening, and experimenting with new vegan recipes.  My medical interests include gynecology, acute/urgent care, and LGBTQ medicine.  I chose GMFMR due to our diverse patient population, excellent and involved attending physicians, and connected learning experiences on off-service rotations within the Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners residencies.

Sonia Sharma, MD 
Medical School: American University of Antigua

I am Sonia Sharma, originally from Toronto, Canada. I did my Bachelors of Science from University of Waterloo and went to American University of Antigua for Medical School. Currently enjoying residency in Grand Rapids, Michigan with amazing group of residents and senior attendings. 

Martin Tong, MD 
Medical School: University of Sint Eustatius 

I was born in London, Ontario and raised in Toronto, Ontario where I attending undergrad at McMaster University and received a degree in Life Science.  I continued on for medical school at University of Saint Eustatius in the Netherlands Antilles and solidified my clinical training in Chicago, IL.  I choose Grand Rapids for our great faculty, diverse patient population, friendly atmosphere and strong subspecialities.  Grand Rapids great small city and close to my hometown as well as driving distance to many major cities.  I like to enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching sports, playing video games and read.


Nabeel Ahmad, MD
Medical School: Saba University

I grew up in a small town, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, which is one reason why I chose to do my residency in a city like Grand Rapids. The lack of traffic and friendly atmosphere makes it feel like a home away from home. I received my Bachelors in Medical Science and my Masters in Medical Biophysics before I began medical school. I  chose GRMEP because this residency offers both strong inpatient and outpatient experiences with a diverse patient population. I was especially drawn here as this residency allows me to work with underserved communities and do international mission work. Furthermore, as this is an opposed program and affiliated with Michigan State  University it provides a strong academic atmosphere without losing the close-knit feeling of a community program.  All around I think GRMEP is a great place to train and I am very happy with my choice. 

Bobby Ang, MD
Medical School: University of Santo Tomas

I am from Seattle, Washington and attended Washington State University for my undergrad.  I traveled all the way to the beautiful Philippines and went to medical school at the University of Santo Tomas.  There I met my lovely wife, where we were seated together since the first day of medical school.  Seating was done in alphabetical order, and she actually had the same last name as me.  Don't worry we are not related, we did our research.  We got married after graduation and after two year we have a baby boy that never stops smiling. Some of my hobbies are playing basketball,  where I've been known to be a sharp shooter. I enjoy lots of other outdoor activities like tennis, football, and golf.  Some interesting tidbits about me is I have a huge extended family, with over 100 cousins, and we are all pretty close.   I'm also the youngest in my family with three older sisters.

Randeep Badwal, MD
Medical School: Saba University

Grand Rapids is a little haven in Michigan. The city is nice, the people are friendly, and the beaches are only an hour away! I knew that I wanted a program in Michigan so I could easily drive back to Toronto, my home. But what drew me to the program the most was the happiness of the faculty and residents. Their smiles represented their satisfaction with the program, and I knew that I could come to this busy environment and not lose myself in the process. 

Tyler Barreto, MD
Medical School: Michigan State University - CHM

Born in Indiana, I have been in Michigan for a few years. I graduated from Michigan State, completing clinical rotations in Grand Rapids. I love this city and this family medicine program, so I decided to stay here for residency! Before medical school and after graduating from Grinnell College, I spent a year teaching middle school math and science in Honduras. I am a first generation Cuban American and have spent years in various areas of Latin America. I have been surprised by how often I speak Spanish in Grand Rapids! I hope to provide comprehensive health care for the underserved. I believe health is a basic human right, and I hope to improve access to care internationally and at home. 

Cody Bowen, MD
Medical School: Saba University

I was born and raised in Lindsay, Ontario two hours north-east of Toronto. After high school I moved to London, Ontario where I attended Western University (UWO), and attained my bachelor of medical science. After Western I went to Saba University School of Medicine, on Saba island, in the Dutch Caribbean. I spent twenty months there, before moving into clinical rotations which I completed all over the US and Canada.  I chose GRFMR because the patient population closely mirrors that which I would expect to see back home. It is a program full of very friendly peers and faculty, and they work hard to make you feel comfortable in the program.   My hobbies are golf and snowboarding. 

Katherine Burton, MD
Medical School: Wayne State University

I was born and raised in a small town in the middle of the mitten, the second oldest of four children.  I attended Alma College for my undergraduate degree in biology, which was a great experience, and then headed down to Detroit to attend medical school at Wayne State University.  Mid-town Detroit was a great place to live, but I'm excited to be living in Grand Rapids now as I have yet to really explore this side of the state.


For fun, I enjoy playing with my dog, Waffles.  She is a 4 year old Bichon and totally hilarious.  I also spend a lot of my free time on little home improvement projects around my house.  I’m a big Tigers fan and will really miss going to their games, but it’s really nice being so close to Lake Michigan and its beautiful beaches.  I feel very fortunate to have been matched at GRMEP!        


Ananda Chatterjee, MD
Medical School: Ross University

Welcome to our website! I’m an intern here and I am loving this city and the program. You would think Grand Rapids is a small town in the middle of nowhere, but you will be pleasantly surprised of what the city has to offer. My favorite city in the world is New York City and I come from the vibrant city of Toronto (in Canada), so my expectations for a safe city with great places to wine, dine and live were pretty high and Grand Rapids has fulfilled them all. 

Other interesting facts about me include my intense passion for sports. I can have a conversation with you about Federer, Malkin, Lebron, Peyton Manning, Verlander, Anderson Silva etc. My research interests include clinical guideline development and concussions and I hope to do a fellowship in Sports Medicine. Also, I am the Founder of a Clinical Guideline resource called PrimaryCareGuidelines . My fiancé is a resident in Internal Medicine here in Grand Rapids and I recently proposed to her on the rooftop of a museum overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

David Henderson, MD
Medical School: Michigan State University - CHM

I was born in and raised in Detroit but finished school in Northern Michigan, in the small town of Johannesburg.  I studied history in undergrad at Michigan State University, however it never felt right.  On a whim I took an EMT course and fell in love with medicine.  I became a paramedic and worked to finish my undergrad while working the ambulance at night.  I went to Michigan State University again for medical school and loved Grand Rapids so much that I decided to stay here for residency.  This was the only residency I wanted to attend.  The faculty daily display the attributes of the physician that I want to become.  Plus, this is a great town.  I love anything outdoors and within a short drive I can be hiking trails for miles, camping in peace and quiet, or piloting my sailboat on Lake Michigan.

Melina Hong, MD
Medical School: Saba University

I grew up in Toronto, Canada where I attended the University of Toronto for my undergraduate degree in Human Biology. Between the constant brainwashing from my dear mother and realizing how little people understand the idea of health maintenance and disease prevention, medicine and in particular family medicine, was never far from my mind. I attended Saba University School of Medicine in the Netherlands, Antilles and had an experience of a lifetime. I met a lot of friends and colleagues throughout the course of my medical career that have helped to enrich my experience. I chose to move around during my rotations so that I could get a sense of where I would like to settle down for residency. Coming from a large city, I find the little niches in Grand Rapids endearing and unique.  There is also a great sense of community here. I’m excited to finally be able to call this place home.

Spending time with family and friends is a high priority for me. Otherwise, I enjoy travelling to different places. Eventually I hope to join medical missions so that I can make a difference in the world one step at a time. I also enjoy outdoor activities like canoeing and biking. 

Narinderpal Kaur, MD
Medical School: Medical University of the Americas

I was born in India and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am the eldest among my siblings. I completed my undergrad at Ferris State University and attended Medical University of the Americas to pursue career in Medicine; needless to say, I enjoyed every bit of ” Caribbeanness.” I did most of my clinical rotations in a beautiful City of Chicago.  I chose GRFMR because it has everything to offer that I was seeking in a residency program. The faculty and residents are very knowledgeable, supportive and approachable which gives the ideal environment for learning and opportunity to grow. Being in Grand Rapids gives me homely feeling as it is stone throw away from my hometown.

Throughout my journey, my sister Reggie has been my companion. We have attended undergrad and medical school together. I couldn’t ask for a better roommate and best friend. We have been very active in extra co-curricular activities and have made achievements which I don’t think would have been possible without her. One of our achievements is that we won 1st prize of $1000 in Ferris Talent Hunt. Besides dancing, we love to sing, travel, learn to cook different ethnic cuisines and explore new places. Hopefully, we can work together in near future. 

Chris Loewen, MD
Medical School: Ross University

My hometown is Neepawa (pop’n 3600), a prairie town in Western Manitoba. My undergraduate education took me 45 minutes south to Brandon University. I went to Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica (3200 miles from home) and completed the clinical years of medical school in Saginaw, MI. I hope to return to a rural community to practice after residency and am interested in remote and foreign medical missions.

My wife Cristina and I were married in 2005 and have three children. We bought our first house at the beginning of residency and are having fun fixing and updating it, made possible in part by my previous career in carpentry and numerous phone consults from my dad.  I am a recreational cyclist and have found GR a friendly place to bike, both to work and for family fun.

Katherine Oyster, MD
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Hello! My name is Katherine Oyster (I go by Katherine). I was born in Delaware but made my way to my hometown of La Crosse, WI when I was 3.  I went to St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN for my undergrad and majored in Chemistry and Women's Studies, as well as sang in the top choir for 3 years (which was essentially another major).  I took a year off between college and medical school and tutored Math and taught an ACT prep course.  I went to Medical College of Wisconsin for medical school.  What can I say, I'm a cheesehead through and through!

My clinical interests include women's and LGBT health.  I was drawn to the program at GRMEP because it is obstetrics-heavy compared to other family medicine programs.  I also LOVE the city of Grand Rapids - there is so much to do and see, and they have a great commitment to the arts of all kinds.

Megan Yee, MD
Medical School: Ross University

Born and raised in Troy, Michigan, youngest of 3 kids and first to become a doctor, well, human! I went to Michigan State University and graduated from Lyman Briggs with a degree in human biology. I always found medicine fascinating and Ross University allowed me to pursue my passion. Ross is located on the Caribbean island of Dominica and it was by far the most interesting 2 years of my life! Brown water and no electricity became a norm, but I wouldn't trade studying on a beach for anything! 

I did most of my rotations in Chicago and Atlanta, and really wanted to end up somewhere with a city feel. Grand Rapids was the perfect compromise between city and suburb. The program offered everything I was looking for in terms of community and academics, but most importantly the residents were happy. In my spare time I try to see my family and friends as much as possible! I also enjoy photography, anything to do with food (cooking and eating), attempting to play guitar, movies and most recently refurnishing old furniture since I moved here with nothing!