Lecture Series

November 2013 Schedule

Actively Dying Phase.ppt John Mulder, MD
Barriers to Providing Hospice Care in the Skilled Nursing Facility.ppt Ronald S Duemler, MD, MS, CMD
Beyond Opioids.pptx Frank D Ferris, MD, FAAHPM, FAACE
Brief History of Palliative Care.ppt David L Sharp, MD
Cancer Anorexia Cachexia Syndrome.ppt John Mulder, MD
Chronic Pain and Addiction.ppt Bruce C Springer, MD
Compassion Fatigue Fellowship 2013.pdf Katherine Morrison, MSN, RN, CHPN
Compounding.pptx David J Miller, RPh, Phd
Dyspnea.ppt Steve Dupuis, DO
Ethics 1 - General Principles.pptx Michael Wassenaar, PhD
Ethics 2 - Autonomy and Futility.pptx Michael Wassenaar, PhD
Ethics 3 - Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia.ppt Michael Wassenaar, PhD
Evolution and Maturation of HPM.ppt Charles F von Gunten, MD, PhD
Haloperidol.pptx Tim Fife, DO
Hiccups.ppt Colleen Tallen, MD
Intellectual Disability and HospicePalliative Care.pptx Care Anne Cavanagh, MD
Medicare Hospice Benefit.pptx Alice Emery, MD
Pain - Adjuvants.pptx John Mulder, MD, FAAHMP
Pain - Methadone.pptm Alice Emery, MD
Pain - Opiods.pptx John Mulder, MD, FAAHMP
Palliative Care in ALS.ppt Deborah Gelinas, MD
Palliative Care Integration in the ICU.ppt Colleen Tallen, MD
Palliative Chemotherapy.ppt Jason R Beckrow, DO
Prognistication.pptx David L Sharp, MD
Prognostication Tools.pdf M. Downing, Victoria Hospice Society, 1952 Bay St, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8R 1J8
Radiation Oncology in Palliative Care.ppt David D Howell, MD, FACR, FAAHPM
Spirituality and Healing.ppt John Mulder, MD
Successful Family Meetings.pptx Daniel Maison, MD, FAAHPM
The Role of Nutritional Supplementation in Advanced Illness.pptx John Mulder, MD
The Role of the Hospice Medical Director.ppt Michael Paletta, MD, FAAHPM
Treatment for Nausea and Vomiting Filling up your Toolbox.ppt Tod A. Wyn, MD, FAAHPM