Transitional Year - Activities

Other Activities

Activity abounds outside of the hospital as well. Each year there are resident sports teams formed for soccer, basketball and softball. We’ve even been known to win a championship or two!

There is also an activities group called “Club Med.” This group plans activities each month for singles, couples, kids, and families. A newsletter is sent to each resident’s home detailing the activities for the month.

About Club Med Activities
This club provides many different activities and support for all fields of the residency program. A typical month includes a spouses/significant others night out, a couples/singles event and several activities for families with children.

Med Mates
We all deserve a relaxing night out and here’s our chance! The Med Mates group offers support to spouses/significant others of the residents by organizing a gathering such as dinner, a craft night, a movie, and so on, each month. This is a great way to meet other people in residency. The activities club pays for a portion of these events, so not only are you able to relax and enjoy some adult conversation, but you are able to do if for a little cheaper than usual. For advanced planning purposes, you should know that we usually get together on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m. (Please note: these are adult only events.)