Our Mission

To foster a culture of wellness, support, and collaboration in which GRMEP residents and fellows can thrive

Check out the Back to Bedside Initiative sponsored by the ACGME! This is an opportunity for a resident team to obtain up to $10,000 for an innovative project with the goal of bringing residents back to the bedside of their patients and improving their joy in medicine. This is a chance to be creative and make a difference!

Project focus areas:
 Create opportunities for more engagement in meaningful patient care
 Develop a shared sense of teamwork and respect among colleagues
 Decrease time spent on non-clinical, administrative responsibilities
 Foster a supportive, collegial environment
 Increase patient satisfaction through more time with the care delivery team

The deadline for proposals is August 5, 2017.

Visit the website for information http://www.acgme.org/Residents-and-Fellows/Back-to-Bedside

Please contact Dr. Kristin Jacob at Kristin.jacob@spectrumhealth.org if you have any questions or would like guidance or support in submitting a proposal.

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